Who are your hosts?

Margo and Lindsey are 39-year-old best friends, born and raised in the Portland, Oregon area. They are both married, Margo is stepmom to three great kids, and Lindsey the mother of a 4-year-old daughter.  Lindsey moved to the Albuquerque, New Mexico area in 2013, while Margo continues to live in Portland, Oregon.  Lindsey is a lawyer, focusing on Abuse and Neglect children’s law, and Margo works in the insurance industry. Their favorite non-true crime books are One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Margo) and East of Eden by John Steinbeck (Lindsey).

How we know each other

We both grew up in a Portland suburb, went to high school together, had mutual friends, and went to some of the same parties.  The summer after high school graduation we worked together on the swing shift at the Hollywood Video warehouse. This is really where the friendship got tight!  We went to different colleges, but we both went to college in Oregon and visited each other regularly, and always hung out back home during summer and school breaks.  Ever since then we’ve just stuck together, truly becoming best friends. We’ve been roommates, vacationed with each other’s families, stood in each other’s weddings, etc.

Lindsey moved to New Mexico in 2013 and one of the hopes for the podcast is that we will be talking and checking in with each other more often.

why we decided to do a podcast

Lindsey is an avid listener of true crime podcasts.  “I work for myself and have to travel to different counties throughout New Mexico, so true crime podcasts have been my main source of entertainment for the last 2 years.”  Lindsey’s favorite true crime podcasts include, but are not limited to: Casefile (holy grail!), Bear Brook, My Favorite Murder, In the Dark, Last Podcast on the Left, All Killa No Filla, Cold, Once Upon a Crime, Criminal, Southern Fried True Crime, and True Crime All the Time.

Podcasting seemed doable, Lindsey enjoyed it so much as a listener, she thought she’d enjoy it as a podcaster.  A lot of Lindsey’s favorite podcasts started as an idea by one or two people and just took off.  In trying to come up with an idea for a true crime podcast that was unique, Lindsey understood she had certain limitations; she doesn’t have the time to do the research required for some of the great deep-dive podcasts.  Both Lindsey’s favorite discussion-type podcasts and narrator podcasts cite their sources, and often recommend great true crime books, which is where the idea for True Crime Book Club was born.  Once Lindsey had the idea, she could not imagine doing it with anyone but Margo.  Margo was on board from the very beginning.  Margo proposed the release schedule (Lindsey’s idea of reading a book, recording an episode, editing that episode, and releasing it each week was impossibly ridiculous!).  Margo and Lindsey alternate choosing the book for each episode. 

Lindsey is the more avid podcast listener and true crime fan, and Margo is the more avid reader.

podcast format

We started out telling the story of the book by basically summarizing the story.  However, as the podcast has developed, we feel we have better, and more interesting discussions when we discuss themes of the book, while re-telling relevant plot points, rather than summarizing the plot.  We really try to figure out the best way to discuss each book.  

We believe at its heart, this is a True Crime podcast, so we try to honor that with our book choices, theme choices, and discussion. 

More pics!

For more pictures of Margo and Lindsey throughout the years, check out our Instragram account @TrueCrimeBC, or our post on this site for Episode Zero, under Episode Extras!